Our annual holiday sale kicks off today, Cyber Monday 2014!  We have experienced an epic year in our second year of operations in the US and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring.   We hope all of you who have waited to make the decision to get certified will act on this offer, it won’t be back again for a while!

We know you’re curious, we see the statistics for visits to our webpage.   We see what pages are clicked through –  which is understandable.  You’re checking us out and thinking about taking action.   And then, for some, there is a delay on jumping into the field.  We watch our facebook and social media pages and we know many of you were waiting for our next sale.  If you are one who has waited, that has come to work in your favor with our sale!

Clients will be looking for you after the start of the year.  Will you be ready to meet the challenges of helping people make healthy changes in their lives?

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