Why Workplace Wellness Programs Are Gaining Traction

Due to the increasing hours spent on the job, the workplace has become an important environment for protecting health, promoting healthy behaviors with programs that target the prevention of chronic diseases. On average, Americans working full-time will spend more than one-third of their day at the workplace - multiply that by those racking up full-time hours and this becomes significant.

Clearly, employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with both a safe and hazard-free workplace, but they also have come to serve as a key player in providing opportunities to promote improved individual health and to foster a healthy work environment for the nearly 140 million workers in the United States alone.

The use of effective workplace programs and policies can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for American workers.

Therefore, it makes sense that maintaining a healthier workplace and workforce can directly lower both "direct costs" such as insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims. It can also positively impact many indirect costs such as absenteeism, "presenteeism" and worker productivity.

Join the ranks of successful Corporate Wellness Coaches

The certified corporate wellness coach program provides a step-by-step approach to planning, implementing, and evaluating programs. Candidates will explore key topics such as assessing employees’ needs, setting appropriate goals, gaining management buy-in, budgeting, and program evaluation. They will also find full coverage of programming issues, including strategies for developing programs for healthy lifestyles, medical self-care, and disability management. The specific challenges of programming for small businesses and multisite workplaces are also addressed.

  • Information on ADA, HIPAA, and GINA standards as they relate to worksite health promotion that will help candidates better understand the implications of the legislation for their own businesses
  • Information on the meaning of corporate health management, health coaching and budget development options.
  • An exploration of integrated health data management systems, e-health technology, nutrition and weight control programs, fostering a healthy culture, and reducing stress in the workplace
  • Developing a program evaluation, including a break-even analysis and skills to help in determining present – and future - value as well as examples of econometric-based evaluations and evaluation design
  • A focus on career development with information on certification options, intermediate-level practitioner competencies, and internship and job searches that will help candidates explore their professional options and prepare for their future in the field.
  • Your manual (no book to purchase!) also features an informal approach that makes learning more friendly than ever. Learning objectives, end-of-chapter ‘final conclusions’ and a new glossary of key terms will help candidates focus on the most important concepts in each section.

    Current practitioners looking for ideas and strategies for building a healthier workforce as well as candidates just beginning an exploration of the field can depend on this course to not just guide them through the proposal process but to also inspire and inform them on all things related to Worksite Health Promotion. All candidates are sure to find that our course offers the business knowledge, resources, and insights to guide them in this diverse and exciting career as a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach!

    Our Corporate Wellness Coach Program Overview

    Course Title and credential: Corporate Wellness Coach

    Course Objective: We expect candidtes to be able to describe the relationship between (a) employee health and productivity and (b) employee health and costs. You will also learn how to understand both why and how the WHP programs in existance today vary in type, frequency, and intensity from worksite to worksite. You will learn to present justifiable rationale for establishing WHP programs of your own as a business strategy. You will also compare several WHP programs to identify common attributes of successful interventions used today. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to develop a high-quality WHP program planning proposal. You will also explore the various ways to enhance professional knowledge and skills in WHP.

    Online learning platform: All course content is accessed through our server, a secure learning environment;  students should plan on using approximately 20 hours of study time to complete this course (including video lectures, Corporate Wellness Coach Manual and online exam). You will need a connection to the Internet.  Mac OSX/iOS and Windows-based tablets are compatible with our course materials.  We encourage all candidates to complete their studies within one year of enrollment. Access/complete the exam when you have completed all study materials.  You will need Adobe Reader to access written content.

    If you do not have Reader you can download it here: Get Adobe Reader

    Certification Exam Requirements: This course features a 100 question multiple-choice exam with a minimum grade of 70% .   Course price includes two exam attempts and you will know your results immediately.  A temporary certificate can be printed immediately and a hard copy will be mailed to your  address on file within 10 business days.

    Fee for retesting: $75 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the second exam attempt.

    Estimated Completion Time: Course requirements and/or exam should be completed within one year. The average time for students to complete this course is approximately 20 hours of study time.

    Graduates must provide CEU's (2.0) within two years in order to renew/retain this title and credential.

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