Wellness coaches are like students – studying how people change in order to provide excellence in coaching. But coaches also find themselves in conflict with how they view clients to be anywhere from “in denial” or “unaware” of their ability to control their own wellness. This is an interesting dimension in coaching, because it determines both how and when the coach makes certain moves. Either way we look at it, we still find ourselves puzzled by clients that fail to see their choices or control mechanisms.

According to the “Self-Determination Theory”, the main drivers in human motivation have shown that satisfaction and/or results have roots in one of three motivational drives. These include a desire:

  • to be autonomous: to make choices that are congruent with one’s core, not imposed by others peope;
  • to be competent: there is power in being able to use one’s strengths and to become skilled in mastering life’s tasks; and finally,
  • to be connected: this includes presenting “doing skills”… or those things that support other behaviors or even other people.

These core drives are omnipresent in all of us – but when it comes to taking good care of mental and physical health, a lot of us simply get bogged down, stuck or buried deep in some darker dimension that fails to let us see the guiding light of self-awareness.

There are a lot of people out there like us coaches, for whom health, fitness, wellness and self-care are non-negotiable. We seem to “get it” more than others do – and therefore have also realized that we are not created equally along these lines – we are NOT rational all of the time, creatively genius or productive/resilient samples.  If we were, we would not struggle collectively to thrive, as we all operate well below the level of wellness we want in our lives at times. So we have relied on inventing something that represents evolution for us and involves mastering a lifestyle that puts us in the captain’s chair. We have built a system – and we seem to sustain the energy and strength to handle whatever life throws our way.

But we live in a world where most others want another responsible party to be in the captain’s chair when it comes to managing their health and wellness concerns. “My physician is in charge of my medical care; my DNA is in charge; the “experts” (ahh, the expert approach….again!) and their medications are in charge (e.g. nutrition, weight, fitness, etc.); my partner makes the health decisions; my career is in charge” — you get the idea.  Someone or something else is in the driver’s seat.  Some folks are okay just being in the passenger seat.  But even worse still, some sit way in the back seat when it comes to taking care of their wellness and physical health.

When we evolve under the control of others, such as “experts”, we may miss out on the self-reflection, awareness and discovery needed to tap into our inborn motivations to want to do what is best for us, and to be able to discover the ideal formula to take us beyond surviving to thriving.

This is where coaching comes into play.  This is important work but can not be approached with a novice mentality.  That would or could be dangerous to clients.   Being able to navigate strategies with your client requires a skilled wellness coach. The time to get certified is NOW, when we have a chance to take part in this transformative period in our discipline. Being a part of history and shaping the outcome is really a metaphorical description of the coaching process, overall. As coaches we shape outcomes. Without this objective, there is hardly a point for coaching. We are finally learning this, so late in our evolution. But its not too late to look ahead for all that is possible.

Live well.

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