Become a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

Learn in the comfort of your own environment and on your own schedule! We use an online format for all of our courses, meaning that you can learn the tools required to become an effective leader, mentor and coach when working with clients on nutrition-related needs! Our students have enjoyed learning the skills needed to be a great coach when it's convenient for THEM! What can you do with a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach credential? Where do we begin?

  • Advise clients on dietary intake
  • Provide suggestions that maximize your clients energy level and help them hit their goals
  • Write ebooks and white sheet papers for your colleagues to review
  • Work with any population or target market/population
  • Speak at public events about all things nutrition-related
  • Enhance your current business model with a fantastic skill set that targets the number 1 reason why most clients tend to fail hitting their goal.
  • It's time to de-mystify nutrition for your client. Get your Certified Sports Nutrition Coach credential and uncover the secret of getting client results like many other successful trainers and coaches - on your terms.

    The Credential - What Does It Mean?

    Sports Nutrition Coaching is a sub-specialty of the coaching profession. Long held as a mystery due to restrictions placed on the types of consulting done, this field has literally exploded with the proliferation of the internet and software that allows coaches and trainers alike SO MUCH more flexibility. Now, a certified coach can provide advice to clients with just an average level of competency in the topic - but we know you want so much more! And that is what our program is about. Giving the trainer or coach solutions (like all Cosgrove Group coaching programs!) Written by an MD, this course offers a fresh perspective on nutrition from a medical expert. This goes far beyond any minimum level of expectation for educating the SNC (Sports Nutrition Coach). This course zeroes in on the facts - to supply you with sound information to use in your coaching practice. It's more about the science than the coaching, however - and this course is targeted toward those who already either have a background in coaching or those currently functioning as a certified fitness trainer. But it can also be used in other ways - as a stand alone business model; picture yourself providing support for those in need of controlling their food intake. The possibilities are endless, given the current state of health and fitness seen in the general public.

    Why be a Sports Nutrition Coach?

    Look around. It's almost painful to see what's happening in our society. Considering that about 12-15% of the population is committed to a fitness center for physical activity, we can see that there is a staggering amount leftover that are not doing anything about their physicality. And within that relatively small percent, there is rampant obesity. Yes, we're all both happy and proud that these folks are doing something about this gap in their health by becoming submersed in a fitness culture, but it tends to fall flat from there. In other words, this is simply not enough. It is estimated that nearly 75-80% of this need is coming from the changes that are required in terms of food intake. So where do we begin? We can start in the gym and take our message to the masses! That's where!

    We surveyed over 100 personal fitness trainers to assess their needs in terms of offering a program of this nature. The number one answer, by far, was the need to have ADVANCED education in the field of nutrition. This would seem to suggest that the trainers and coaches of today have a) identified the problem and agree with our observation and b) feel they need more than the basics to really be successful at getting their clients to their final goals. On top of that there is SO much misinformation out there, most of the time the trainer is simply dispelling myths from the media and other similar sources. We need more and this starts with education and the appropriate thirst for knowledge.

    Wellness Coach

    The Program, Your Solution, Your Client's Road Map To Success!

    The SNC program takes an organized approach to learning. The backbone of our program is indeed the SCIENCE of nutrition; we have learned that when we teach a course, it is best to have students understand the full scope of the topic. With nutrition, that includes both math and science. The ability to understand these concepts related to nutrition is creatively written by M. Clement Hall, MD, in a style that never assumes anything - in other words, no student is left to feel that they are "out of the loop", and yet even experienced health and fitness professionals will also come away from the program feeling confident that they have learned a new and valuable skill. We reinforce the learning with Power Point slide shows, complete with animations that explain the topics of nutrition in addition to what Dr. Hall has provided. This program is far-reaching! Sports Nutrition coaching is about guiding clients through the confusion that has become synonymous with the topic of food intake and optimal health. Your client doesn't have to be in a physical fitness training program. This information is both valuable and useful for anyone who provides consults to clients - in any coaching environment - be it wellness coaching or even weight management session work.

    Wellness Coach Certified

    Our Sports Nutrition Coach Program Overview

    Program: Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

    Objectives and course description: To provide health, fitness and wellness professionals with quality education on the topic of nutrition that is recent and factual. This course is an introductory level course; your Manual was written by a board licensed physician. Our course seeks to provide the information needed to properly guide clients to meet their nutrition or food intake goals - especially in situations when making food choices in-between sessions.  This course focuses on learning the science related to macronutrients, human energy systems and supplementation.

    Online learning platform: All course content is accessed through our server, a secure learning environment;  students should plan on using approximately 20 hours of study time to complete this course (including video lectures, Sports Nutrition Coach manual and online exam). You will need a connection to the Internet.  Mac OSX/iOS and Windows-based tablets are compatible with our course materials.  We encourage all candidates to complete their studies within one year of enrollment. Access/complete the exam when you have completed all study materials.  You will need Adobe Reader to access written content.  If you do not have Reader, download it here: Get Adobe Reader

    Certification Exam Requirements: This course features a 100 question multiple-choice exam with a minimum grade of 70% .   Course price includes two exam attempts and you will know your results immediately.  A temporary certificate can be printed immediately and a hard copy will be mailed to your  address on file within 10 business days.

    Fee for retesting: $75 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the second exam attempt.

    Estimated completion time: Course requirements and/or exam should be completed within one year.  Most students will complete this course in approximately 20 hours.

    Recertification requirements: Graduates must provide CEU's (2.0) within two years in order to renew/retain this title and credential.

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