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Enjoy a Structured Approach To Learning - Using The Tools We Provide In Our Online Interactive Learning Environment. Be A Part Of This Exciting Movement With Your Very Own Wellness Coach Credential.

What Is A Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaching is about guiding clients to talk about what is most troubling to them about their lifestyle, what they most want to change, what support they have to foster change, and what obstacles or difficulties must be removed or minimized to advance healthier behaviors. It is not the main role of the wellness coach to teach, advise or counsel the client. Instead, wellness coaching focuses on the special issues and concerns unique to the client and incorporates strategies into the context of the client's life.

So You Want To Be A Certified Wellness Coach?

There has never been a better time to be a Wellness Coach. This career path allows professionals to use creative coaching plans and strategies to help clients who want to make changes to the quality of their lives. So many times we are burdened by all of the different problems our clients bring to us and when this happens, it usually means that the coach is not trained to intervene properly. Wellness coaching training has to provide the coach with solutions.

Up until now, Wellness Coaches were not aware of all of the options before them to use in their coaching practice. This course not only provides a state of the art wellness coaching model, its global applications mean that the professional Wellness Coach of today is prepared to make meaningful change in the lives of our clients in any environment. This is what being a Wellness Coach is truly about.

Wellness Coach

More About Our Certified Wellness Coach Program

Our wellness coach program provides a platform or framework for coaches to use immediately upon completion of all course work. You will enjoy a structured approach to learning how to coach clients in a variety of settings. There are so many great benefits of being a Wellness Coach right now, yet we know that we are still growing and shaping the profession. Be a part of this exciting movement with your own Wellness Coach credential!!

Unique from other forms of coaching, Wellness coaching is a method of guiding others to address their health and to make behavioral changes to improve health – all on their own terms. You will learn to coach clients through this process. You will also learn skills that separate you from coaches who lack a defined coaching model. Like other forms of traditional coaching, wellness coaches utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems. The relationship between the coach and client is an accountability partnership focused on the overall health outcome goals as defined by healthcare practitioners and the client. You can view the course Syllabus here.

Wellness Coach Certified

Our Wellness Coach Program Overview

Course title and credential: Wellness Coach

Syllabus: Syllabus.

Course Objective: To train students in all aspects of wellness coaching; this includes all of the skills and techniques needed to be an effective wellness coach; our course is also presented with business training.

Online learning platform: All course content is accessed through our server, a secure learning environment;  students should plan on using approximately 20 hours of study time to complete this course (including video lectures, Wellness Coach manual and online exam). Mac OSX/iOS and Windows-based tablets are compatible with our course materials.  We encourage all candidates to complete their studies within one year of enrollment. Access/complete the exam when you have completed all study materials. 

You will need Adobe Reader to access written content.  If you do not have Reader, download it here: Get Adobe Reader

Certification Exam Requirements: This course includes a 100 question multiple-choice exam with a minimum grade of 70% required to pass.   Course price includes two exam attempts and you will know your results immediately.  A temporary certificate can be printed immediately and a hard copy will be mailed to your  address on file within 10 business days

Fee for retesting: $75 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the second exam attempt.

Estimated Completion Time: Course requirements and/or exam should be completed within one year.  Most students will complete this course in approximately 20 hours.

Recertification requirements: Graduates must provide CEU's (2.0) within two years in order to renew/retain this title and credential
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