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About Us

Cosgrove Group - About UsThe Cosgrove Group is the culmination of the forward vision of Ellison W. Cosgrove. Ellison began his journey into the area of wellness and coaching after watching clients struggle through making the behavior changes needed to support their wellness or their health metrics.

Since 1998, Ellison has been cultivating his passion for helping others in profound ways, starting with his studies in pharmacology in Australia. In 2000, Ellison realized his gift for helping others, and shifted his focus from the scientific side of medicine to coaching, prevention and well-being; this led to the initial steps of forming The Cosgrove Group – a vehicle for science-based coach training and a vehicle for professional coaches in healthcare to refine their skills and to provide academic structure where there is need. The Cosgrove Group Wellness Coach program is known for its comprehensive approach and one of its key strengths is fundamental to its mission: to instruct future coaches to tap into different strategies, helping to re-power clients in different areas of their lives.

Ellison set out to build a structure – a coaching model, rooted in academics. The Cosgrove Group has evolved into an institute of learning for a multi-dimensional focus, to reach all coaches and to really impact significant change for their clients. Since commencing operations in the United States, all programs are currently under review for accreditation; this process is just another quality-control check and when we consider the gap in coach education, we consider it a necessary process.

Philosophies and Vision:

There seems to be this shift for coaches who want to get in on the fast track, to earn their coaching credential right away. While this is definitely one of the perquisites of offering an online learning environment, it should NEVER come at the expense of good, quality information. Our philosophy is to guide students through higher levels of learning and thus, understanding. For this reason, we feel compelled to offer several courses with Levels beyond fundamentals. This is important to advance the profession forward.

It’s also useless to learn how to develop coaching skills without anyone before you to coach! Providing BUSINESS dimensions to the coaching process is just another part of our vision at The Cosgrove Group. When we are able to grow our profession, we increase exposure to the public. This is a gap that is vast in the United States, where less that 20% of the population has ever met with any type of coach. We aim to change that mindset.

Our philosophy and our vision helped to shape our goal, which is to provide comprehensive materials for coaches of the health and fitness industry in such a way that we become a resource in the industry. Our aim is to accomplish this by meeting both the needs of new coaches, as well as experienced or advanced coaches.

Ellison has recognized the needs for coaches in a global sense. Now that the Cosgrove Group has operations in the United States, we expect to certify nearly 1000 coaches in our first year of operation. We are just getting started!