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Both positive psychology and coaching psychology have taught us a LOT about what it takes to be at our best with respect to health, well-being, and performance at home and work.

We can break this learning down even further by organizing five science-based areas of health and well-being (two more will follow in the next post) to show that they are all vital and they depend upon each other.

Without supportive relationships it’s hard to engage and develop our strengths. We need physical energy to nurture our relationships and our relationships energize us. We need meaning to reach the highest level of positive emotions (happiness and life satisfaction). Engaging our strengths generates positive emotions. Positive emotions give us energy and help our relationships flourish. You get the picture.

Like strands of DNA, the double-stranded backbone of a Well-Being is formed by strong, healthy, growth-promoting relationships at home and work.

You dont need to be told that nothing builds or drains energy, enhances or relieves stress more quickly than the quality of our relationships and our interactions at home or work.

When we listen and reflect with skilled precision, demonstrate genuine empathy and affirmation,  exude zest and humor, we can act collaboratively, co-actively – and yet courageously, to both nurture and grow our relationships and the well-being of others.

What is life without purpose? It’s up to us to think hard and get clear about the meaning of life for ourselves at three levels – first ourselves – our personal growth and life satisfaction, second our connections with family, friends, and close colleagues, and third our contribution to building a better world through our work and other activities.

The best path to growth and development is to engage our strengths and talents and stretch ourselves regularly. It’s both fascinating and ironic to know that many of life’s most nourishing “flow” experiences happen at work and we don’t even enjoy them because we’re too wrapped up about what’s gone wrong and what’s not getting done…. or what we could do better.  We’re missing some of life’s best moments in this way. What would maybe be more satisfying is to design a life which grows us, allows us to deploy our strengths, and allows us to grow; to become wiser, to get stronger, and be more capable.

This is a way to take the applications phase one step further, by understanding some of the fundamental science behind wellness coaching.  You could look at them as dividers in your tool box; you might also see that this scientific review within our industry is propelling the coaching movement forward, overall. I still say it’s an exciting time to be “in wellness”.

Look for our next blog post, on the emotions and energy elements in coaching

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