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Jessica Gomez – Director of Operations, Chief Information Officer

Jessica (MS, BS and MBA) is a Certified Life Strategies and Skills Coach and has contributed to the phenomenal success of our own Life Skills and Strategies Coach program. As CIO for The Cosgrove Group, Jessica produces nearly all of the ideas behind our programs currently available.

Jessica began in the fitness industry after overcoming so many of life’s hurdles to make it through her schooling. As an obese child, Jessica struggled in life. Now, Jessica has become an energetic fitness and nutrition expert, loaded with smart ideas and tangible tips for blasting body fat. Her strategies are effective when she is training clients - through strength training, eating well, and other healthy habits. Gomez, who's been hailed as an authority on the HEED program, gives our Lifestyle and Weight Management program all of her knowledge.

  • Years of Experience in the Industry: 14 years
  • Years Certified: 14
  • Specialties: Jessica’s specialties include all elements of Coaching, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Wellness, Holistic Living, Weight Loss / Weight Management… and more. Jessica oversees all program operations in her role as CIO for The Cosgrove Group.

Francine Ricci-Cocchia – VP of operations

Ms. Ricci-Cocchia holds a BS (Kinesiology) and is also an NASM and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach, Wellness Coach and Holistic Life Coach ( Wellcoaches and The Chek Institute, respectively).

No matter what her skills - as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant or a Former Weight Watcher Leader …. Francine takes health and wellness seriously. She is the sole owner and developer of "Francine’s Fitness Formula, Inc.", (personal training business), Ms. Ricci-Cocchia has served both corporate and private clients. Her training style is one based on maintaining wellness with a balanced approach, with attention given to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, equally.

  • Years of Experience in the Industry: 12 years
  • Years Certified: 15
  • Specialties: Francine’s specialties include Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Weight Loss / Weight Management in special populations or those with chronic conditions. She is a contributing producer at The Cosgrove Group.

Sam Gabrielle – Education coordinator

Sam joins The Cosgrove Group with over 10 years of experience as a coach, speaker, researcher, consultant, and trainer. He is a nationally certified wellness coach, personal trainer and a lifestyle/weight management consultant who is an acknowledged expert in enhancing wellness, work/life balance, fitness & health and has proactively guided thousands of executives, business professionals and others toward reaching their goals in these areas.

Sam’s leadership abilities made him a clear choice for us when up against over a dozen candidates for our Education Coordinator position. Mr. Gabrielle makes a great addition to our team as he works closely with all other staff to ensure sound academic principles while meeting the needs of our students.

  • Years of Experience in the Industry: 8 years
  • Years Certified: 7
  • Specialties: Teaching/Coaching, Online learning and public speaking; together, Mr. Gabrielle relies on both of these skills to communicate with both students and other staff at Cosgrove. He is an invaluable member of our production team.

Geoffrey Beck – Education Coordinator/Facilitator

Geoff is responsible for planning and coordinating education program activities, including program launch dates, teaching teleclasses and speaking at industry engagements. Geoff also oversees Cosgrove Labs, an intern consortium dedicated to promoting our Group to the industry.

Geoff’s focus is also important in organizing our attendance at industry conventions, health fairs and events. Mr. Beck is also involved in developing and updating lesson plans.

  • Years of Experience in the Industry: 7 years
  • Years Certified: 7
  • Coaching and Leadership; Geoff earned his BS in Fitness Leadership from the University of Colorado and chose to finish his studies in the inter-mountain West of the United States because of his love for the environment. Geoff was also one of the planners behind The University of Tennesee’s Environmental Fitness Training Program, designed to improve overall fitness using the outdoors. Since Geoff believes the outdoors is the gym, the instructor must use imaginative skills to facilitate physical activity. Geoff spreads this enthusiasm within The Cosgrove Group, too!

Mary Catherine Carroll – RN/Advisor

Ms. Carroll, affectionately known by our staff as “Nurse MC”, is an incredible asset to our organization. Never willing to settle for anything less than excellence, MC is one of the biggest champions of the current coaching movement in the wellness community. MC has worked as an occupational medicine nurse, with an impressive resume of forward-thinking Fortune 100 companies, spanning the globe. We are extremely lucky to have MC among our faculty and her Patient Advocate Coach program is truly an asset for those in the nursing or patient care field.

  • Years of Experience in the Industry: 37 years
  • Years Certified: 37
  • Coaching and Leadership; Occupational health and wellness, patient advocacy. As a trauma care nurse and patient advocate, MC really relies on her intuition and empathy to help others. Her key strength is her ability to instill hope and sensibilities to patient care with logic and a strong desire to help others to be well.