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Being employed as a certified wellness coach has so many different dimensions to it; yes, a large part of it means to help people through coaching. Another is to see – first hand – how we might improve the health care system in the United States…. through better communication. If we were able to improve or change this we’d not only find the answer to some of our skyrocketing healthcare costs, but we would also bring a lot of people into the coaching profession as a lifelong career.

Right now, the momentum that wellness coaching has seen continues to show that it may offer the best opportunity as a complementary aspect of our health care system reform. This momentum also has proven just how much in-demand a well-trained wellness coach is today. Think about it this way. It can be a long process to become a physician, up to 10 years of study time. It can take about five years to become a nurse. But a wellness coach can be trained relatively quickly. This provides value to a student or job seeker.

Wellness coaching could be seen as just one of the keys to closing the gap in primary care that health care reform seeks to resolve. Simply put, there aren’t enough doctors available to have that personal relationship needed to help people stay on top of their health. But wellness coaches (either working with or independent of doctors) are a little bit different.

We’re typically used to getting the doctor of choice within our medical plans …. and we also have the ability to choose a coach in the same way. This coach then becomes your trusted health advisor or advocate. Just like your primary care physician, the coach should also have access to your own personal health data and they would be able to tell you not only what it means or how to understand it – but how to make changes related to your health, too!

A certified wellness coach will need to have enough training to be able to answer a clients general health concerns and to perform some simple health assessments.

A well-trained wellness coach should also have some marketing skills. Some well-advised wellness coaches have expanded upon the early steps taken on the road toward creating the wellness coaching profession as a whole. This has been done by making coaching models that can be adapted to chronic conditions, such as diabetes. In this way, we are seeing a way to change the spread of coaching from those who are sick already to being toward those who are maintaining wellness in their lifestyle instead.

When insurance companies find that investments in wellness payoff, we may see a reduction to the strain on our healthcare system from diabetes, heart disease and even addictive behaviors like alcoholism or substance abuse. So there is big money at stake here, and the wellness coach is situated right in the middle of it all.

There’s never been a better time to get certified as a wellness coach. The upcoming changes to health care reform in the United States will require even more wellness coaches to really make any lasting change stick.

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