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We’ve said it before and we will say it again… who will you use your coaching talents on if you don’t have clients in front of you to coach?  If you were to look down upon your coaching business with an aerial view, what would you see?   What opportunities are missing in your business model currently?

What market or niche do you serve? It’s important to identify exactly whom you hope to provide services to.   Begin by creating a vision, one that describes your ideal client, the needs that they are most likely needing to be addressed, and what possible barriers have come before them in the past – the same barriers that keep clients from getting to their goals!  What have they tried before that hasn’t worked and what will you offer that will overcome these ‘blocks’?  It’s important to write out the description while being mindful of a few specific profiles or types of people who you would really like to serve as clients, or maybe even those who are already clients.

Develop a concise business strategy and model. Coaches aren’t always the most adept when it comes to business.  It is important to write your business plan, in detail.  As you map out your plan, you will see areas that have great coverage and some that have gaps.  Consider your options… do you want to be a solo entrepreneur Wellness Coach, a whole practice, a business model that is low maintenance or a corporate Wellness Coach?  Don’t cheat yourself during this process – spend time writing your mission statement, vision, values and goals.

Gather your tribe leaders right away! You might choose the self-employed solo entrepreneur business model and wont be hiring other coaches to work for you, but you still do need a “team”.  Recruit colleagues and develop a mastermind group together, making them both your ThinkTank AND your Board of Directors. Better yet, if you can retain a business coach, preferably one who knows the Wellness Coach business, then do it!  You may need a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant and a CPA or similiar to do your taxes. This step is vital to your business success.

What is your own wellness plan? Change is a given.  Your priorities could change, the circumstances you operate under can change … and we KNOW that  goals can change. Revise your own wellness plan, bring it up to date, recommit yourself to what you feel is important. Be congruent with your message and philosophies. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the perfect model of perfect wellness… instead it means being human,  and embracing the things you want for your clients and then following a coach’s personal wellness plan that has relevance to you.

Develop collaborations and partners. Be receptive to the idea of joint ventures (JV’s).  Step up to your competitors and form alliances. Right now there is no shortage of work for a wellness coach, so partner up and join forces. Network with another Wellness Coach and brainstorm ways that you can develop a partnership that advances wellness programs in your community or target market.

But there is more.  We are only just starting to uncover ways that Wellness Coaches can become successful in business.  Without this evolutionary step, we are at risk for becoming the type of coach that we have seen come and go in the past… the types of coaches that probably had great ideas, but lacked a defined niche or market, a solid business model, a progressive coach plan for themselves, and lastly, the partnerships needed to become a force in their community.  Keep these business goals in mind as you develop your own formula for success!

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