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Its now more than a week into 2012.  How is your local gym looking these days?
If it’s like mine, its a clusterbomb of people, doing weird things, wandering aimlessly and doing things that really dont do much to address their TRUE wellness concerns.

This is where YOU come in.

It’s so easy to spot someone in need, it almost seems unfair.  We can identify these folks from 50 feet away.  They have waited all year for this – a step toward action.   In Wellness Coaching, we call the next step the INTERIM stage.  In other words, we do a great job of getting people into a gym and sell them a monthly membership to use a fitness club… but unless we walk with them through the stages of change, they can very easily fall through the cracks.  We have to be smart, trained and effective.

You know the drill.  We have to draw from our strengths in order to help our client find theirs.  Many times,  a new year’s resolution will mean drastic changes for your client.  And this isn’t always optimal.  In fact, the job description of a coach (of any type) is to find out what motivates the client and what end goals or outcomes are before them.  But the wellness coach takes this knowledge one step further, by helping the client to create a solid vision of their wellness-driven life.  With this in mind, the mission becomes more critical.  If we fail, the person on the treadmill today might stop going to the gym altogether by mid-March, if we haven’t coached them through the interim stage of change.

Sometimes we become so engaged with the skills of being a coach, we might forget what lies ahead for us in 2012.  The coaching industry continues to evolve.  There is a LOT going on right now!  Among the most interesting trends – more coaches seeking advanced levels of training; pair that with the next trend – more corporations seeing grassroots movements among interested employees to bring wellness into their work environment (with non-conventional wellness coaching programs) and to manage the program in an attempt to get exactly what they want – and the Corporate Wellness Coach pathway becomes a compelling option for a coach seeking to deliver wellness to the masses.  These evolutionary steps will most definitely have an effect on how a Wellness Coach pursues his or her OWN entrepreneurial vision.

If you’re a Wellness Coach in training or an established coach with a full client load, you’ll need to stay on the forefront of these changes.  My inbox is full of requests for comments or interviews about the state of coaching in 2012.  Even though we’ve listed two of the biggest trends already, the remaining trends are most likely going to be defined more by the coaches themselves, and not external factors we work around.

The next blog post will be an except from our Certified Wellness Coach program.  I’m crossing my fingers for accreditation news by then!


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