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Wellness Coach Certification - Syllabus

Course Description

The mission of all Cosgrove Group coaching programs is to provide coaches with solutions. Our Certified Wellness Coach program gives coaches the strategies needed to excel in the field of wellness coaching. Your ability to be successful as a coach depends on your ability to work one-on-one with the client. The course that you're about to take is presented as a client-focused approach to wellness coaching. This course will make use of behavior change strategies using the trans-theoretical model, as well as some of the best coaching practices used currently in Wellness. Our philosophy is to develop and train coaches with powerful techniques that help to guide clients through lifelong and lasting behavior change. The only required prerequisite for this course is that you have an inherent desire to help others. After this course you will be able to help clients with goal-setting and then play a vital role in planning successful behavior change strategies for the client. This course also covers content related to the physical dimensions of wellness, including anatomy and physiology. The Certified Wellness Coach credential can be used only upon successfully completing the Certified Wellness Coach program in its entirety.

Certified Wellness Coach Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe wellness coaching and how it has become a vital part of manitaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Describe different ways that wellness coaching is delivered among populations requiring different strategies (corporate wellness, special populations).
  • Become familiar with strategies to help clients change behaviors.
  • Understand both the emotional elements of wellness as well as the physical dimensions involved in overall wellness.
  • Understand different coaching strategies, based on ICF guidelines.
  • Master the Cosgrove Group Wellness Coaching Model.

Course Eligibility Requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this course, but candidates with a basic level of education in any of the allied health fields (exercise science, health science, behavioral psychology, wellness, biology, physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, physical therapy and nutrition) are most likely best suited for this courses and its core components. This course may also be used to enhance an existing business model of coaching or to those looking to add more to their existing job descriptions or experiences. This course has many other relevant applications (nurses, HR managers, etc.).

Certified Wellness Coach Course Materials:

All materials used in this course are accessed from the course Dashboard and are available 24/7. The course content includes PowerPoint slideshow modules in support of the manual; students are provided login information for the course upon registering. The exam consists of 100 questions and is based on both the manual and slideshow materials.

Outline of Course Topics:

Below is an outline of the course content.

Lesson 1 - Making the case for Wellness Coaching

The history of Wellness and Coaching - an Introduction

Different dimensions of Wellness and Wellness Coaching

Lesson 2 - What does being a Wellness Coach mean?

Coaching types - individual and corporate styles

How to market your skills as a Wellness Coach

Coach Self-Assessment - a personal inventory of your strengths

Lesson 3 - The Skills Used in Wellness Coaching

Helping clients to change behaviors

Mechanisms of change and the role of the Coach

Lesson 4 – Foundations of Emotional Wellness

Wellness in the periphery - social components of Wellness

Understanding your client's emotional Wellness

Lesson 5a/5b – Physical Wellness and your Client

The main drivers of physical wellness concerns - CV concerns and metrics

The role of the Coach in managing client risk factors

Lesson 5a/5b (cont.) Physical wellness - strength and flexibility

Working with obese and/or sedentary clients

Food For Thought - Nutrition coaching for Wellness Coaches

Lesson 6 - The Cosgrove Wellness Coaching Model - From the Ground Up

Use of the Trans-theoretical Model in Wellness Coaching

Identifying different stages of change and the clients stage of readiness

Lesson 7 - Managing and Coaching Lifestyle Risk Factors

Strategies for Wellness Coaching in special populations

Strategies for Coaches to help clients manage stress

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