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Here are just a few things our students had to say.

When I think of the course, the word “equal” comes to mind. I think so many parts of wellness were covered and the best part of this course was learning the practical applications of the material. I liked the chance to have interactive slideshows

- Adam DelMonica, Sydney, NSW

This course came at the best time for me personally, and for my career, too. I was able to put myself on the fast-track with the online format. The course was so good! The coaching model they promote really represents the best in wellness coaching.

- S.W Buehner, Essex, UK

I realized that I was missing out on a huge opportunity by limiting myself to personal training. I took this course and had 13 new clients in the first 60 days. It changed my life – I can work full-time and do something I love every day. Life is good.

- Tammi Stebner, Brisbane, QLD

Its hard to imagine that there was a time when I didn’t think I could ever be a Wellness Coach. After I got certified, I got the most incredible job offer in a steel fabrication plant. I never knew that this was even possible six months ago.” I whole-heartedly recommend your course. Five stars all the way.

- Jennifer King, TX USA

Cosgrove Group has a gold mine with this. I have recommended the course to two other candidates and we all three have our diplomas now. We love it.

- Anna Fregoso, Vancouver, BC