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We’re in the midst of yet another media driven event. Yep. The pink slime fiasco.

First reaction : BORING.

This “junk” made the rounds on Facebook a few years back. It’s not that we want to ignore it, or pretend that it isn’t ruining our health to eat this “slime”… no – it’s just really that we’ve been eating this horrid stuff for decades. And now that we have YouTube to show us just how disgusting it is to manufacture, it has sent many consumers into their local markets with a keen eye and a mission to check the labels.

Personally, I’ve shied away from processed meats in general. The sodium nitrates are just simply not worth the risk. I prefer to buy whole pieces of meat and slice it myself, so that I know what’s in it. It’s not the easiest way to make a sandwich but at least I know that a few steps that are intended to make the meat last longer have been sidestepped. I’d rather throw out meat that goes off with age than have a higher risk of cancer due to having preservatives in meat.

But this is more than that. The slime looks bad and smells worse. It’s dyed and scented to get around this. I also thought more people had the heightened sense of awareness to already know these facts. Maybe this is akin to those who still consume this “substance” as part of their food intake each day – or those who think it pacifies hungry children due to its tasty chemical combination and manufactured texture. “I dont care, my kids like hot dogs/bologne/sausage – and I’m going to let them have it!”, is one rant from a tired mom who also happens to be my sister.

I can’t believe more of us didn’t already know this. When you go to Taco Bell and order 7 tacos for 99 cents, what WERE you thinking the meat was? How did you think it was brought to market for such a price? And in the quest to provide cheap, poor quality food, we’ve perhaps done this at the expense of our health…. which we know is going to end up costing us in other ways.

To me, this is a real concern, when we won’t take a minute to think about what we’re putting in our bodies. Isn’t it a real concern?

Talk to busy clients about their stress and they will tell you how much handling family matters contributes to the cacophony of life. Out of convenience and in an effort to circumvent this stress, we gravitate toward what’s easiest or most convenient. But we might be jeopardizing our overall wellness in the process. Upton Sinclair was really onto something over 100 years ago when he tried to teach the world about the perils of processing meat. Still, we show a lack of learning when it’s convenient for us.

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