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Certification Programs

Imagine, being able to turn your coaching talents into reality with programs that teach you an entire wellness coaching model - allowing you to experience a career filled with unlimited creativity and flexibility!

Our Wellness Coach credential has been issued to hundreds of coaches who have already realized their vision and ideal career. Standards for Wellness Coaching have failed to keep up with a field that is in great need of streamlining its approach and providing options for coaches who want to be successful - while fulfilling their career goals and dreams. Due to the hard work done by the pioneers in the wellness field, coaching is now so much more than just providing a helping hand. Modern coaching requires knowledge in multiple disciplines or specializations. Coaches are not required to be certified to practice, but the credential after your name means that you've put forth the effort to be the best coach you can. Step into the future of coaching with one of our critically acclaimed class-leading certification programs and launch your career to new heights!

Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach Certification

More than just a coach training program, the Wellness Coach certification program provides a complete coaching model for wellness professionals to apply in practical settings. You can make a great career for yourself as a wellness coach, and our program also describes the business components of coaching.

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Sports Nutrition Coach

Sports Nutrition Coach Certification

Up until now, coaching professionals and trainers alike have been so reluctant to give out nutritional advice to clients because they feel intimated, threatened or just plain scared. But in most locales, an individual with “an above average” knowledge of nutrition can, in fact, provide nutritional guidelines to a client and feel secure in doing so.

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Corporate Wellness Coach

Corporate Wellness Coach Certification

From the ground up, we want ALL coaches to succeed. At Cosgrove, one of our most famous phrases is "if you dont have any clients, who will you coach?" The Corporate Wellness Coach zeroes in on the workplace environment - where most of us wind up putting our health and wellness in jeopardy.