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This is a REALLY exciting time to be a wellness coach!

Why you ask? So many reasons.
Look to the person on your right. Do they look “well” to you? Now, look left….. same thing, right? And we haven’t even taken a step. The truth is, EVERYONE, including YOU, can use a wellness coach at one point or another.

Its okay. To employ a wellness coach is something that actually could be viewed as a sign of personal enlightenment. There is nothing more important to life than to live it well. But most of us dont. Its just that simple. But HOW we became this way is another matter completely. This is the dynamic aspect of wellness coaching and is congruent with the diversity you will experience when coaching. Everyone is different. Different problems, same outcome – wellness is compromised.

But we have also learned from the wellness coaching programs of the past. Older, pioneering programs have given us decades of data. And its not surprising to see that …. hold on for it… wellness coaching works! And it works pretty well too, when the wellness coach is experienced and persuasive. The benefit to the client is that these changes made to their wellness tend to be long-lasting.

So we have a need – and some behaviors to “fix”. And we have a career option that thrives on helping people, and doing it with our own creative initiatives.

But there is a limit to this creativity. Coaches need options. They need to learn exactly how to help people make changes. It is a client-centered approach and doesn’t involve the coach playing ‘expert’ and sharing statistics on smoking, weight loss and hypokinetic illnesses. No, wellness coaching instead coaxes the client to state for themselves what the changes are to be. It may not be what we want, but we are there for the client, silencing our own agenda.

This also helps to protect the coach, because we dont have to bear the weight of our clients problems. We use strategies to draw change talk from clients and then help them strategize in order to help themselves.

With all of the different options out there, and the proliferation of wellness coaches in our clinics, fitness clubs and workplace(s), there has to be structure.

This fall, you will have a chance to see the latest evolution in coaching. Our coaching model taps into multiple disciplines to empower coaches (not to imply that there was ever a power vacuum, but you know….) to become both effective and successful.

The Cosgrove Group Wellness Coach certification is the solution for coaches who are looking to refine their craft, get certified and then transition into both public and private sectors to do what we are passionate about – coaching. If there was ever a career that someone is “born to be”, wellness coaching is it.

It’s here to stay. And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for other coaching programs from The Cosgrove Group, too – all under review for accreditation. So the next time you find yourself sandwiched between two ‘unwell’ people, you will have options.

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2 Responses to “Wellness Coaching in the Year 2011”
estefania urdaneta December 21, 2011

I am very interested in this program. It seems to be successful and New. really looking forward to hear when it is accredited to go get it! Please I will appreciate if you let me know to this email address about any updates!


admin December 21, 2011

This program always seems new to us, too – because it’s always evolving and being refreshed or revised. Coaching changes and industry developments are happening quickly in our world. We’ll post our accreditation status via press release and website update as soon as we get official approval. You will also see the AADP logo on our website at that time.