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Its Overwhelming!

Wellness coaches are expected to help everyone. Once someone finds out that you “coach wellness”, they become intrigued; this then gives way to the natural internal human response, which is “I wonder if Coach Ellison could help me with….”? Well, of course – you can get help for that . . . . but at one point the coach needs to shut down shop and live their own life. This is meant only to imply that coaches are people, too. And we have our own battles and circumstances that challenge us each day. Nevermind that we are supposed to “fix” everyone else’s wellness!

What do you know about that?

It happens every year, around the same time. You know what we’re talking about….. you’re an ambitious coach and you have all these great plans for how you’re going to meet the demands of clients who seep from every crevice of our lives and seek our help. Its a tradition. Fitness clubs LOVE this time of year. But apart from that, you have plans to really hit your stride and you’ve mapped out the year ahead of you. And when you take this approach, you can see that there is a lot of “to do’s” to handle. You refine your business vision, start a long list of marketing calls you’re committed to making; you’re already managing mulitiple clients, writing blog posts and creating content in an attempt to bring great things to the world as you see it.

It’s also pretty likely that you have a mounting pile of unread email in your inbox, a batch of unopened mail that you’ve been meaning to get to, and in the midst of it all you’re trying to maintain your own fitness routine and wellness vision!

You’re ambitious; you’ve brainstormed about joining a networking group to market yourself better. You’ve mastered the way you want to deploy your social media efforts, reviewing products, and seeking affiliates for your goods (if you have them) and services. You have hopes of hiring a virtual assistant so you’ll be free of the shackles that keep you from being more efficient and working less hours. Add on top of that the fact that you, of course, also have to advertise, review current research on coaching and meet new clients. Can we heap another portion of anything on top of that for you?!

Then, when you get a chance to breathe, you stop and wonder: “How did things get like this for me?”

You’re overwhelmed. It happens all the time, to everyone. Some of us are better at it than others, who are held back by hanging around “OverwhelmingTown” for too long. But even those who are better at handling this are all too aware of how it creeps up on us. We all attach our own type of “overload” or overwhelm to our lives and when this happens, we tend to also lose our focus.

When coaches are stuck in OverwhelmVille, we are just like anyone else – we search for ways to leave it behind us in a cloud of forgotten dust. We go about it in such predictable ways – we try rearranging the situations in our work lives and personal circumstances in order to regain control. But stop right there. Guess what you’re not seeing?

You’re probably not overwhelmed because you aren’t working hard enough or mismanaging your busy lifestyle. And we can assume that you’re not overwhelmed due to “slacking”. So you start working harder at getting your state of being overwhelmed under better control.

You’re not slacking and you’re not wrong to seek ways to control your level or feelings of being overwhelmed. No, not at all – but coaches need to look deeper at their circumstances to find answers for resolving this predicament.

Its best to manage being overwhelmed by manipulating the internal elements in your life. Try to take a “trip inside of yourself”, instead! Ask yourself, “What is your brand of being overwhelmed?” What’s involved when you are overwhelmed? Try taking an interest in what you do on the inside of yourself. How do you become overwhelmed? What are you doing to get in this state?

Imagine that you have a coach with you. The coach says to you, “I want you to teach me how you overwhelm yourself.” Since you are the only one who knows how this happens to you, it’s like a fingerprint. Everyone has their own description of being overwhelmed. Until you’ve been asked by a coach, you probably weren’t aware of how it happens. Together, you and the coach are going to shine a light on the whole overwhelming mess in your life.

Notice every detail and experience of being overwhelmed. When you can do this for yourself, you are primed to help a client who feels overwhelmed. And there seems to be no shortage of this in our clients. Being able to turn the experience inward is just the beginning step of helping a client to see how they put so much of this on themselves. Coaching can help here. But the perspectives of the coach are vital to understanding the process. Since we are ALL overwhelmed at one point or another, we can easily practice or role play with ourselves and in doing so, provide clients with better strategies to overcome being overwhelmed.

Now, go take a nap and shed the baggage of the day!

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