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If you’re a Wellness Coach (or if you want to be one), searching the web for resources is a typical starting point – especially if you’re trying to get certified as a wellness coach or if you’re trying to figure out how to make a career out of your passion to coach. So, right now the web is an interesting place to visit for this type of thing.

If you’re feeling like you’re seeing things on the world wide web a little differently, well – you’re pretty intuitive – things are changing. From the way you search for what you seek, to what you see as a result of your search. Sometimes the results are confusing.

One of the number one ‘hits’ for wellness coaching used to bring up a site that was decent, but not really what a coach is looking for. It was more for what a client would search for and it was a blog about flowers and herbs… naturopathic or homeopathic philosophies…. (I’m mostly joking but you get the point; it was “OLD SCHOOL”) – and this website was recently auctioned off for 5K!

We’ve been looking around at our collegues, wondering what’s next?
Well, coaches are looking for more. More detail and more specialization.
With this in mind, our newest arrival to the Cosgrove Group completes more of our overall wellness vision – to provide coaches with more options than ever. We’ll be doing a full press release any day now but now it’s time to look ahead at new relationships and another new program in development – Nutrition Psychology Coaching. What a fascinating topic this one is!

Cosgrove does and will continue to push for innovation and leadership in coaching. We’ve looked at what’s being offered and there is not much out there that is ‘good enough’ for us to move forward as an industry. This is a problem and we are excited to be ready to announce that we’ll soon be offering CEU’s through (and from) a major coach training provider by the third quarter of 2013 (CEU partners to be announced by the end of summer). This is huge for us!

Join us and our club!

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